About Us

Cogs & Wheels Ladies Morris were formed in 1995. We take our inspiration from Finch Foundry in Sticklepath and the surrounding Dartmoor landscape. Our costumes reflect the hues of the moor and our Beldames style of dancing is quite distinctive. Our original team of ten has grown each year and although some are relatively new to Morris dancing we believe that our enthusiasm and joy for the dance overcomes all obstacles!

We perform a wide variety of dances from several traditions— mostly Cotswold, with some Border and some our own. The origins of Morris dancing are often disputed but even Henry VIII married six times to get a Morris side together! The traditions have survived many centuries having been rediscovered by Cecil Sharp at the turn of the last Century.

It has been a tradition of Morris dancing to pass the hat around the audience. Once it was an opportunity for people to thank the dancers for driving away evil spirits; now it helps with expenses such as the Federation membership and the enormous hanky-laundering bill. We also make regular donations to local charities.

We’re all looking forward to a great season, good music, good company – and fantastic dancing! Hope to see you along the way.


Cogs and Wheels Bag
Donna Tombs
Email: dtombs65@gmail.com